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Fia Fortune is a home cook who enjoys gardening, creating recipes for her two blogs, cooking for herself and her boyfriend, and trying to keep up with their blended family of four cats.

Mom On The Go Meals: A Taste of Turkey Day


This weekend, we caved and got a storage unit; we had one before we moved to Portland, but we had been using our spare room for storage, and since our daughter was born, we’ve been working toward making her room more hers. So while a friend watched her for a couple of hours, we made […]

The Quest for Lactation

I am a big supporter of breastfeeding. There’s nothing more beautiful and natural than a nursing mama, right? I always planned to nurse my little ones when they came along, ever since I was a little one myself. My plans were revised when my daughter was born; she has a small mouth (as I have […]

Getting back in the kitchen after a bun in the oven

Even as someone who enjoys spending so much of my time in the kitchen, I knew that getting back into it after having a baby was going to be a challenge. I couldn’t have predicted how much of a challenge, however. Infants are incredibly demanding, and since they can’t communicate their needs verbally, they require some […]

Back in the groove

It’s been more than two weeks since I wrote anything here; in the space of those 19 days, my life completely changed (as we all knew that it would.) On August 6th, a day before her due date, my daughter was born. 20.5 inches long and weighing in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces, she is […]

Still not a mommy blog, but…

I am in labor. Let me qualify that statement. I am not in active labor, where I am tapping keys in between incredibly painful contractions, but what is apparently called “early labor.” I’ve been having contractions (mostly not bad ones, although Saturday and Monday got hairy enough that I was pretty sure the big day […]

Our New Portland Life

I realize this is a food blog, and not a mommy blog, but as this foodie is about to become a mommy, I ask that you bear with me. This week, I’m going to take you outside my tiny Portland kitchen, but not far – we’re staying in the apartment. (We live on the third floor […]

Watermelon, the classic taste of summer.


This coming weekend, I am headed to Lisbon Falls for the Moxie Festival Recipe Contest. As many of you will recall, I took home first place in the savory division last year with my Moxie hot wings. This year, however, instead of competing, my voracious pregnant-lady appetite and I are sitting on the jury. It […]

Creamy, tangy rhubarb cheesecake


About this time of year, my mom’s garden would produce a bumper crop of rhubarb. Though it typically prefers cooler temperatures and partial shade, and the plants that lined the right side of the path into our massive garden were exposed to full sun, they were happy and fruitful, with leaves so big that I […]